Bamboo Sushi Opens Today

When I heard that Bamboo Sushi was opening in Avanti Food & Beverage, I was both pleased and confused. Pleased because the restaurant is the world’s first Marine Stewardship Council–certified sustainable sushi restaurant. That means you can feel good about every single roll and piece of nigiri and sashimi you order. Seven years ago, I attended a symposium in which Kristofor Lofgren, the CEO of Bamboo’s parent company, the Sustainable Restaurant Group, spoke on the topic of seafood sustainability. By all accounts, this is a company that walks the talk.

Bamboo Sushi Brings Sustainable Seafood to Avanti

Avanti Food & Beverage opened in LoHi last summer, giving chefs the opportunity to test new restaurant concepts before moving to brick-and-mortar. One of the restaurant incubator’s first concepts, Farmer Girl, recently moved out, leaving a space to fill. Another tenant, Bixo, moved downstairs into the space, and now, Bamboo Sushi is the new kid on the block.

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