Avanti - Brava Websize-23Eater Denver has made a round-up of essential pizzerias in Denver, and we are happy to see they included our favorite, Brava! What differentiates Brava! Pizzeria from the rest is definitely their crust. In their own words –

“The single most important component of the pie, the pizza crust, is the foundation of the pizza itself.  Not to mention the obvious, the pizza crust is the vehicle for which the carefully selected and paired toppings are thoughtfully spread, baked, served and finally consumed.  As it is important to the whole pie, the pizza crust must take on, so to speak, the role of the supporting actor, be every bit as good, but never over shadow the lead of the toppings.  There becomes a delicate balance the crust must take on, to have a character all its own that will, in the end, complement and even bring forward the toppings that adorn it.  A great wood-fired pizza crust should have slight char marks (flavor), bubbly on the ‘cornicione’ (the end crust) be thin in the center and have a crisp but tender and chewy texture.  A sign of a hand stretched and prepared pizza crust is its non-symmetrical, almost dysfunctional shape, each pizza, like the snowflake, never the same shape or dimension.”


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