This is an easy one to make at home to impress your friends or simply treat yourself. You’ll need a good Irish Whiskey (we use Tullamore Dew), turbinado sugar (sugar in the raw will do), strong coffee, heavy whipping cream and some type of sealable container in which to make a syrup and whipped cream (a cocktail shaker, mason jar with a lid or sealable quart container will all work fine). Make a simple syrup with the sugar by combining it with equal parts hot water. Shake it it briskly, let it sit for a few minutes then shake it briskly again until it dissolves. In a separate container, shake some heavy cream until it begins to thicken to a yogurt-like consistency. You’re then ready to build your drinks. The key to a good Irish Coffee is to making sure you pre-heat your mugs with a little boiling water, work with hot coffee and room temperature whiskey and syrup.

To your warm mug add:

1.5 oz Tullamore Dew

.50 oz Turbinado Syrup

Top with:

4-5 oz hot coffee


Gently pour the whipped cream over a spoon so it layers on top of the coffee

As a bonus grate a little nutmeg over the top and enjoy!