Chef Kevin Grossi and his team from The Regional descended upon Avanti Food & Beverage mid-July with their colorful array of “regional” comfort foods executed with ingredients from local farms and specialty producers from throughout the U.S..

Like Grossi, the bar team at Avanti prides themselves on great relationships with their vendors, and one of their main partnerships is with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery out of Milton, DE. The special relationship between them was born out of a longstanding friendship between the founding partners of both entities and resulted in Avanti becoming the quasi-official DFH headquarters of the West. The brewery regularly ships out unique beers which can normally only be found at the brewery and hosts an annual late night happy hour with founder Sam Calagione during the week of the Great American Beer Festival every October.

Great dishes can be enhanced by the right beer, wine or cocktail accompaniment and many of the chefs, cooks and bar staff from Avanti share a passion for pairing food and beverage. Sitting with some of the bar staff late one night trying the latest Dogfish release, Chef Grossi remarked that the beer they were sampling, called SeaQuench, would be a great pairing with the oysters which they regularly feature. This special release beer is a combination of 3 German style beers; a kolsch, a gose and a berliner weisse brewed with lime peel, black limes & sea salt resulting in an awesome session sour quencher. The oysters featured at The Regional are mainly from the Northeast where they are crisp, subtly sweet and full of salinity. It is this shared salinity that ties the beer and oyster pairing together, and the light sour tartness of the beer acts almost in the role that a traditional mignonette would play, all the while refreshing the palate and begging you to slurp another oyster.

SeaQuench is a limited offering and won’t be around forever so try it if you can and be sure to get some oysters from Chef Grossi at The Regional to go with it. The oysters are fresh and also limited, so be sure to order a half dozen because one or two won’t be enough!