Join us for happy hour and a live painting party April 19th-21st from 2pm-6pm in our market area downstairs. We are getting a new mural on one of our walls so watch the artist paint while you share some drinks and food with friends. The event is free and meant to be experienced among friends.

The mural will be painted by Charlo (   //

I’m all about sharing joy through exploration and discovery, so I twine words, shapes, and symbols to create a visual blanket where notes hide in plain sight. It makes me happy when people discover and appropriate the messages in the worlds I create.  It is a “Joycycle.” I feel good twining and hiding, then, someone feels good because they’ve discovered something new by mentally untwining and interacting with the mural, so I feel good about it and that makes me want to create again so the cycle continues. This mural celebrates friendship and connection. I want to invite Avanti’s friends to play and engage with a mural welcoming them and inviting them to a more joyful world! Cheers!

Specials in addition to Happy Hour Specials:

Among Friends Shot – because shots are meant to be shared among friends  

-Comes with souvenir shot glass $6 

Food Specials: 

-Meta Asian Kitchen – Basket of Shrimp Chips $5 

-Knockabout Burgers – $10 Rocky Mountain Poutine