Pho King Rapidos

Pho King Rapidos

Born and raised in Colorado, we grew up on Vietnamese food and plenty of other ethnic influences that shaped our appetite. Moving to NYC exposed us to a multitude of cultures that only expanded our palettes. Ultimately igniting a craving to provide delicious food and great hospitality to those around us.

Those who have spent a long history in the service industry will have a familiar and recognizable story. Started out washing dishes, on to busing tables, then serving, fill in as a host when needed, spend some time as a bartender and eventually testing your mettle in management. Having done all of that in Colorado, working in New York City was an experience second to none.

We started out in NYC being a bartender where you live fast and loose. Our story gets interesting when an opportunity to become the General and Beverage Manager at a beloved Italian restaurant in the West Village, dell’anima, this special place would change our lives forever. Lifelong bonds were formed while coming together to provide great food and hospitality to each guest. It was with the support from everyone around us we were able to add a bit of Vietnamese food to the late night scene in the neighborhood.

Moving back to Denver we had the chance to work with the Frasca Hospitality Group as a dining room manager at the casual fine dining establishment, Tavernetta. Working with FHG was an incredible experience further pushing our boundaries of hospitality and service.

Once the pandemic changed life as we know it, the decision was made to guide our own path. Food trucks have been a frequent topic of conversation for many years and it became our reality. Our business rapidly grew within the few years of our food truck and now we are stepping into many collaborations around the city as well as our new home at Avanti Food & Beverage. We are honored and grateful that you will be our plus one on this journey.

PKR is a collection of experiences, this is what we serve to you.