Monday Night Smarty Party – Avanti Does Trivia!

Starting this Monday, November 14th, Avanti will be doing trivia with our very own Greg Studley! If you haven’t met him yet you have to join. Its bound to be hysterical, and we will have drink specials every week!

The Flat-Out Best Dishes at Avanti Food & Beverage

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here: the everything-food-and-drink list to end all lists. We’re undertaking a rather ambitious project—a year-long endeavor that lays out our flat-out best picks of the most exceptional culinary experiences in Denver and Boulder.

Chow Morso brings Italian street food to Avanti

Chow Morso is the newest tenant at Avanti Food & Beverage, replacing chef Marco Gonzales’ Bixo. Chef Darrel Truett and Ryan Fletter of Barolo Grill will open the new concept next week, bringing Italian street food to the collective eatery.

COMING ATTRACTIONS MENU PORN The Scoop on Chow Morso, Barolo’s Venture at Avanti

Ryan Fletter, the owner of Barolo Grill, is a man on the move. A sommelier and general manager of the prestigious 24 year old spot, Fletter purchased the business over a year ago and ever since has felt the bug for growth. Pasta is what is cranking every day in the Barolo kitchen so it just made sense that a casual spot that prominently features various kinds of Italian pastas was to be his next move. Those thoughts were the beginnings of Chow Morso and a lease inside Avanti Food and Beverage is what is making it all reality.

Chow Morso Joins Avanti Food & Beverage

Avanti Food & Beverage has been the temporary residence and incubator for many successful fresh concepts, some coming from veterans in the restaurant industry and others from fresh faces attempting their first brick-and-mortar. Joining the line-up next week is Chow Morso, which literally means “large portions, small bites.”

Denver’s Hottest Spot on Friday Nights Is Avanti

Avanti Food & Beverage, a collection of small start-up eateries housed under one cool roof, served by a couple of bars, is a bit of a phenomenon, yet not an unlikely one. The building itself is a reason to visit. Set in LoHi, the repurposed two-level warehouse offers two communal dining areas and bars. The … Continued

Denver’s 25 Most Iconic Dishes

Move over Rocky Mountain Oysters, Denver has grown up and its iconic dishes are classic and timeless, yet contemporary. We have purposefully skipped over the nostalgic or outrageous items that the city got a buzz for in the past so don’t expect the Denver omelet or the giant burrito at Jack ‘n Grill, and any weird meat variation at the Buckhorn Exchange on this list.